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Default Re: The Chinese have a new toy...and it doesn't bode well for US Fleets

I hope these missles are on par quality-wise with their drywall.

I'm not super-duper worried about China just yet. If we get in a war, who's gonna buy all their cheap-shit chotchkies made by 12 year old girls working 120 hours a week for $13? Their economy would collapse without us.

BUT I am worried about one thing: Cutting missle defense. Obama wanting to reduce nukes is fine, but we'll still have many times over enough to destroy this planet. What he should NOT be cutting is missile defense spending, right at the time when N. Korea and Iran are ramping up nuke programs.

Of course, he IS cutting missle defense spending. I guess he considers protecting the US from nukes to be "Cold War Thinking". That's not very smart, when, in fact, we are probably facing a MUCH worse threat than we ever did from these rogue states than we ever did from Russia. The Russkies were pesky and worthy adversaries, but they weren't ever stupid or crazy, and Iran and N. Korea may be both.
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