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Default Does Obama "Hate White People? Native Americans"?

When the Red River Flooded in North Dakota, Obama never visited. There may be as many as 30,000 people left homeless, but no visit? Obama pledge to NOT repeat "The failures of the previous administration" reagrding this catastrophe. He declared 34 counties and (I believe) 2 Indian Reservations as federal diaster areas, but has, YET TO VISIT THE AREA'S.

Why not?

This is NOT a partisan attack. I am sincerely asking why it was so bad for Bush to VISIT New Orleans and it's okay for Obama to NOT visit N. Dakota?

(I'm going to gloss over the fact that the people of ND were out ahead of time working their butts off and helping each other, which minimized the damages and impact on home loss and human lives, in direct contrast with the complete lack of what occured in NO)
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