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Default Re: Dynasty in the Making?????

Originally Posted by TexaSteeler
It's not too early and we don't have to focus, the team does. We could dance in a tutu every day until the Super Bowl and the Steelers could still win.

The Steelers have had many great teams under Cowher. The biggest glaring problem with every one of those teams was the lack of a great QB. With Ben at the wheel, those same great teams are going to come and go and this time we will win Super Bowls.

I used to worry about free agency, but the Steelers have proven that it doesn't matter to them. Here's a list off the top of my head of great players we lost that I mistakenly mourned:

Eric Green
Yancy Thigpen
Barry Foster
Bam Morris
Neil O'Donnell
Rod Woodson
Greg Lloyd
Kevin Green
Earl Holmes
Charles Johnson
Ernie Mills
Chad Brown
Kendrell Bell
Plaxico Burress
Bubby Brister (just kiddding)

My point is the Steelers always recover and rarely even show a sign that they miss the player, and only one or two of these players when on to have any real impact any where else. The Steelers know what they're doing when it comes to FA, and I don't think twice about it any more.
ah...Yancey Thigpen and Charles Johnson......good ole memories
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