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Default Re: Dynasty in the Making?????

The core talent is there and it is young but the key is salary cap.

NFL players salaries are backloaded so they make less money in the first few years then more as they get deeper into their contracts. In 3-4 years a lot of core talent is going to come up for new contracts. The salary cap goes up each year but not near enough to cover big time players, it barely covers just signing the draft picks.

With pay going up it means we are going to have trouble paying everyone next year so some have to go. Bettis retires saves some ($1.5m I think), Hartings ($7m) will have to restructure or go, Porter ($5m) I would ask to restructure, Townsend and Randel El are likely gone which helps some.

We are already committed to paying Ward big time money, which he deserves, and Ben and Polo are going to want the same.

We need some very, very good drafts.

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