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Default Re: Silly Clowns fans!

Originally Posted by RoethlisBURGHer View Post

Everyone hates the Yankees!

I went to my first Cavs game last night. When the other team is taking foul shots...they put the logo of rival teams on the jumbotron....the arena boos loudest when the Steelers logo is up there.

I got asked by a few people around me why I didn't boo when the Steelers symbol was up. I explained that I was a Steelers fan...and surprisingly nobody dumped their beer on me. I even got a few congrats on winning the Super Bowl.

I wonder how loud they would boo if they put the face of Derek Anderson up there.

LOL, they've been doing that for a while. In addition to the Steelers logo being flashed, they also show the University of Michigan, which gets boo's just as loud as the Steelers! Want to really hear some booing? Flash Modell's pic up there!!

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