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Default Re: Group behind Ben getting alittle crowded..

First off, our #1 Qb last year passed a max of 29 times a game. Handed off/(or ran himself) the rest of the time. If you can keep him on the practice squad(tons of extra benefits) why not put your 3rd qb on their for game day. Why take a sideline spot from an extra LB or RB who could get a big sack or bring in that burst of speed later in a game. I can't remeber the last time a team lost two QB's in the same game, so having El or Ward be the emergency is an option I'm very comfortable with. I'd rather have Wallace be into the game 16 times a year and make one key play than have Batch/St. Pierre on the sideline carry a clip board all year. Besides we did it last year and only went 15-1.
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