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Default Re: Second Time! Pirates attack U.S. cargo ship

Originally Posted by steelwall View Post
What we need to do is covert a couple cargo ships into heavily armed vessles, of course looking like a plain run of the mill cargo ship, and let them sail around that area constantly. Then when these low lifes go to attack they are immediatly pummled. Then these guys wouldn't know which ships are which.......... The look on their faces when they start getting hammered by one of these ships= priceless.
This is exactly what I was going to say. Just take some container ship loaded with sand, and have it take its sweet-ass time chugging around the area. Then when the pirates come on board expecting to seize the helpless crew ... Nope -- Navy SEALs!

I also would support taking an old cargo ship and filling it with explosives, then parking it within sight of one of the pirate ports and waiting for someone to come try and take it over. I think you know how the rest goes. That would get their attention.

but yeah .. the basic idea is to get inside their heads. Like, if someone left a box of expensive cigars sitting right out where you could steal one, but every third one was an exploding cigar and you couldn't tell the difference, you might think twice about it.
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