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Default For all Cordial and Knowledgeable Football Fans

I'd like to apologize for my irrational behaviour the last few days concerning hardwork. I erroneously thought that by lowering myself to the very nadir of his ignorance, directing enough disparaging remarks at him and leveling enough challenges that he could never face up to, I'd shame him into leaving. While my intentions were good, my constant exposition of his denseness and obtuseness instead became counter-productive and, in fact, pejorative. I assure you this was never my intention.

Long story short? My attempt at embarassing him into leaving was an utter failure, akin to trying to drop a nuclear bomb on a radiation spawned Godzilla...I probably just made a horribly destructive and simple-minded monster an even WORSE menace.

Anyway, I put the ****er on ignore, and you can too...but it is partially my fault that he's such an annoying *******...just wanted to clear that up
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