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Default Re: Sikhs fight Army over bans on turbans, uncut hair

Originally Posted by steelwall View Post
And waste all the good money the tax payers have dished out to educate these guys..... I think we need to establish a poorly supplied 2 man out post in Antartica.

Seriously if these guys are not willing to take off their hats and shave for their country then how could any soldier serving along side of them that follow the rules, ever have any confidence in them? I question their motives for this. I understand somethings are related to religion. Heck thou shalt not a pretty big part of just about any religion (about I say) but joining the military you would know that there may be a day when you have to pull the trigger...will they.... thats what I'd be thinking.. and so would every other soldier around them. Why put yourself in that position? IMO this is all politically motivated BS..
like i said....EVERYBODY knows your gonna be sportin the high and tight, and dressed in green goin in......i'd say they were after the free education, and now they don't wanna pay for it by serving.....i'm so damn sick of these minorities, and minority religions/ groups hiding behind and bending the constitution to suit there agenda's. i consider myself agnostic, but it pisses me off to know end the way these douchebags go out of thier way to piss off the masses and buck the system with petty bullshit, like christmas decorations and religious symbols , and using the word christ or god.
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