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Default Re: PA Gov. Rendell Wants Tough Gun Laws in Response to Cop Killings

It (banning these guns) is an unrealistic "solution" to the problem...
If you ban the guns so that they cannot be obtained legally, the nut-cases will just obtain them illegally. But we will all feel better because instead of 100 people having these types of weapons only 5 or 6 nut-cases will have obtained them illegally. The media will report how much better we are doing by removing most of these weapons from the streets and everyone will feel good about themselves.

But it doesn't matter because it was only the 5 or 6 nut-cases we had to worry about in the first place. AND THEY STILL HAVE THE GUNS!

The ONLY way to stop a problem like this is to make the punishment for it MUCH more severe. I'm not quite sure how you do that in such a politically correct country such as ours...too damn many tree-huggers...
remember the kid who spray-painted graffiti on a building in Indonesia? Have yuo ever wondered why there is no graffiti in Indonesia? Because when you deface property in Indonesia they SMACK YOU WITH A CANE UNTIL YOU LOSE CONSCIOUSNESS FROM THE PAIN. I'm guessing you won't spray-paint things again...
Severe. But it works.
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