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Default Re: Loopholes let gun smuggling to Mexico flourish

Originally Posted by MACH1 View Post
I'm not trying to fear monger, just a question on where you stood. I could have worded it better.

A terrorist is a terrorist no matter who they try to kill!

A military STYLE weapon is just that, style, not the total functionality of a military firearm(lookalikes or not fully automatic). And I seriously doubt a foreign terrorist is going to walk into the local gun shop and fill out all the paper work and sit back and wait for a background check. Homegrown nut jobs are a different story. But at this point its their right to own a gun just as much as it is ours.
no im talking about the glenn beck types and nra groups that are painting the doomsday picture that obama is going to take away everyones guns. The cartels got hundereds of millions to spend. theyre hiring americans to buy the guns for them.

this is whats scary-

Noting there are about 1,500 licensed gun dealers in the Houston area, he added: “You can come to Houston and go to a different gun store every day for several months and never alert any one.”

The federal system for tracking gun sales, crafted over the years to avoid infringements on Second Amendment rights, makes it difficult to quickly spot suspicious trends and to identify people buying for smugglers, law enforcement officials say.

As a result, in some states along the Southwest border where firearms are lightly regulated, gun smugglers can evade detection for months or years. In Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, dealers can sell an unlimited number of rifles to anyone with a driver’s license and a clean criminal record without reporting the sales to the government.
i think its time the govt know who these guns are being sold to.

as for the military style weapons. they are military weapons, designed for the military. i mean all you have to do to turn a semi, back to fully auto is take it to a machine shop and have them file down the pin, right? thats whats going on in mexico.

so what would you think of all guns manufactured in the US being fitted with a trackable microchip? I mean the law abiding citezen wouldnt have anything to worry about, right? if you buy and register a gun, the govt already knows you have a gun at your location.
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