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Default Re: Loopholes let gun smuggling to Mexico flourish

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
no im talking about the glenn beck types and nra groups that are painting the doomsday picture that obama is going to take away everyones guns. The cartels got hundereds of millions to spend. theyre hiring americans to buy the guns for them.

this is whats scary-

i think its time the govt know who these guns are being sold to.

as for the military style weapons. they are military weapons, designed for the military. i mean all you have to do to turn a semi, back to fully auto is take it to a machine shop and have them file down the pin, right? thats whats going on in mexico.

so what would you think of all guns manufactured in the US being fitted with a trackable microchip? I mean the law abiding citezen wouldnt have anything to worry about, right? if you buy and register a gun, the govt already knows you have a gun at your location.
Not sure if I like the trackable chip thing, finger print censer maybe. That way only the person who legally owns it can fire it?

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