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Default Re: PA Gov. Rendell Wants Tough Gun Laws in Response to Cop Killings

Originally Posted by cubanstogie View Post
I have a five year old daughter and am hesitant to have a gun in the house. I have always thought there is a greater chance of an accident with her and her friends or cousins than me using it on a burglar. Lately I am starting to second guess my decision and am seriously ready to get a pistol.
same here. as a gun lover, that is the delimma i am faced with. but i did take my 5 1/2 old out to the range a month or so ago just to watch and she didnt seem scared. i may see if she wants a bb gun around 8-9 and then go from there.

my guns are kept elsewhere. i have a bat.

btw... you say you 2nd guess your decision? are home burglaries going up in your neck of the woods or are you drinking the kool-aid that your right to buy/own a pistol is about to be taken away?
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