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Default Re: PA Gov. Rendell Wants Tough Gun Laws in Response to Cop Killings

A few months back someone or some people tried to break into my dads home. Thing is they managed to get into the back door but that leads to the laundry room and there is another exterior door there to get into the house. My dad was sleeping in his chair at the time and never woke up. For some reason they did not try to break into the house.

This was at night time mind you, they would have to have known someone was home. The next day my dad found the sight from a gun on the back porch (apparently they used the gun to pry open the storm door) They went through all his vehicles outside and stole some things from the garage.

Had they have gotten in the house with my dad only feet away this story could have had a different ending.

I'm just saying.... law abiding citizens may turn in their "assult" weapons but criminals never will. Where does that leave us...the ones who obey the law?

I say take all the time and money being spent on legeslation and put it into better equiping our police force.
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