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Default Re: Sikhs fight Army over bans on turbans, uncut hair

Originally Posted by steelwall View Post
I don't doubt the history of these people, and this certainly shouldn't be about race, but I doubt these guys would see much action being a dentist and a doctor. All the more reason for me to believe this whole thing was a sham on their part from the beginning.
What if the other Sikhs R not joining the US military because of this issue? Bend just a couple rules & U'll get bunch of guys that a born & raised in military ways.

"The British, as well as the Indians, are proud of the 36th Sikh Regiments. It is no exaggeration to record that the armies which possess the valiant Sikhs cannot face defeat in war"
- Parliament of the United Kingdom

"You are never disappointed when you are with the Sikhs. Those 21 soldiers all fought to the death. That bravery should be within all of us. Those soldiers were lauded in Britain and their pride went throughout the Indian Army. Inside every Sikh should be this pride and courage. The important thing is that you must not get too big-headed it is important to be humble in victory and to pay respect to the other side."
- Field Marshal William Joseph Slim, 1st Viscount Slim
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