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Default Obama Promise to stop Wiretapping? Not so much...

More of the same here. Obama promised to end Bush's "Illegal and immoral wiretapping".

Not only is he not ending it, and not only is he extending it, he's EXPANDING IT!

Bear in mind, you are reading this (probably for the first time) here, on a football website, and this news is over a week old.

Where is MSNBC? CBS? CNN? Where is the outrage by the popular press here? I mean, isn't the wiretapping what made Bush evil? Didn't Obama solemnly promise to eliminate it?

This just gets worse and worse...

Yes, this IS a blog, but there are other links at the bottom of the story to Salon and The Atlantic. This story is very real. This is legit. Obama is caught here in a HUGE lie. I cannot WAIT to see the left try to spin this one...
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