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Default Re: Obama Promise to stop Wiretapping? Not so much...

a HUGE lie? i'll just laugh at the melodrama.

i dont think theres some major media cover up. i read it a few days ago on NY times or usa today.

do you have a clip of baracks solemn promise? did he like, put his hand on a bible (or koran) or something?

ho hum. obama changed his mind. you ever stop to think that bush was privy to information barack had no clue about when he was spouting off about wiretapping, and now that he gets the security briefings, he might now better understand the rhyme and reason behind some of the things he so was critical of?

anyways another typical day in washington.

headlines- politicians lie.

FWIW- wiretapping is about as important to me as the mating habits of the dung bettle.

but if it will make you feel better.... OUTRAGE!!!!
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