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Default Re: Custom James Harrison

Originally Posted by Allstar View Post
As soon as someone commissions me to do it lol to big of a piece for me to just do to have it here at my house. That would be an awesome sight though I'm sure.

Offense - There are a Ben, Hines, and Willy.. Mawae as center. There are no OLs down in stance so that'd be a hulluva lot of sculpting. I saw someone did the Gints offense. The OL were all the Roaf / Faneca piece. Shockey as Heath. Many of the WR forms would work as Santonio. I just did one from Steve Smith. Who in the backfield with Willy?

Defense - Howie Long as Aaron. Sapp as Big Snack. Who as Brett? Any McStabbin works for Silverback. Foote or Timmons and who? I used an Urlacher for Potsy. And an Urlacher bottom / McStabbin top for Woodley. Troy already exists. Who for Ryan, Ike, and ?

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