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Default Re: outta-tahn Stiller fans / opinion of new home-team & their fans?

Well, being in Nashville, of course I must deal with the Titans fans - who still give me crap about the Towel incident. I just shrug it off lol We got the last laugh anyway! When the team came to town, I lost my respect for them because of what some of the fans did. This town wasn't ready for NFL. When they were still the Oilers and played at Vanderbilt, my parents and I went to that game. We were in the same division back then, and they swept us. When we came out,. of course, some of the people had brooms, and were taunting; thats fine! Whatever! But the bad part was, some fool pushed over a little kid for having a Steelers jersey on, and others were squirting oil on cars as they drove down West End Ave. Over the years, I have come to find that Titans fans do some of the worst trashtalking, with really nothing to back it up! I love it!! Of course, on the brighter side, Nashville has plenty of Steelers fans left here, from back in the day before they had their own team!
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