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Default Re: Obama Promise to stop Wiretapping? Not so much...

Originally Posted by SteelersinCA View Post
That's a softball question GBMel, the argument is you are violating one of THE MOST sacred rights guaranteed by the Constitution, the right to privacy. The historical protection of this right in the law is almost unrivaled. Some would argue, myself included, it is never worth sacrificing your convictions and ideals to get guilty people.

I'm quite certain the founding fathers agreed with that concept, see my previous quote by Jefferson and the famous quote by Franklin that those who would give up freedom for security deserve neither.

I'd rather 1000 guilty terrorists go free than have your Constitutional rights violated.
Thanks SteelersinCA, I appreciate AND understand your reasoning......but my question was directed specifically to Tony because I want to understand why he would have any problem with the government infringing on a persons privacy if it is in an attempt to save American lives.
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