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Predict the Pick!!!

Complete first round and Steelers Picks.Tie Breaker will be 5 UDFA.

Points system for first round will be simplified to: 1 point for correct player to correct team...1 point for correct position to correct team...1 point for correct player at correct slot...

Point system for Steeler picks will be 1 point for correct player....1 point for correct position at correct spot

Point system for UDFA is 1 point for each correct player.

Winner will be awarded prize of a Steelers Hardhat & Ballcap (with possible other prizes to be named later!!!)

NOTE: Participants must have over 100 posts in Steelers Fever Forum.

Participants will be responsible for keeping track of trades and possible changes in draft order. Participants can update draft until 12:00 Noon on day of draft. Any changes after the deadline will autimatically eliminate the entry.

Here is the format:

First Round

1 Detroit Lions
2 St. Louis Rams
3 Kansas City Chiefs
4 Seattle Seahawks
5 Cleveland Browns
6 Cincinnati Bengals
7 Oakland Raiders
8 Jacksonville Jaguars
9 Green Bay Packers
10 San Francisco 49ers
11 Buffalo Bills
12 Denver Broncos
13 Washington Redskins
14 New Orleans Saints
15 Houston Texans
16 San Diego Chargers
17 New York Jets
18 Denver Broncos (from Chicago)
19 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
20 Detroit Lions (from Dallas)
21 Philadelphia Eagles
22 Minnesota Vikings
23 New England Patriots
24 Atlanta Falcons
25 Miami Dolphins
26 Baltimore Ravens
27 Indianapolis Colts
28 Buffalo Bills (from Philadelphia)
29 New York Giants
30 Tennessee Titans
31 Arizona Cardinals
32 Pittsburgh Steelers

Steelers Picks

Rd 1, Pick 32
Rd 2, Pick 64
Rd 3, Pick 96
Rd 4, Pick 132
Rd 5, Pick 168
Rd 5, Pick 169
Rd 6, Pick 205
Rd 7, Pick 226
Rd 7, Pick 241



NOTE: No copying other internet draft sites picks...drafts MUST be your own
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