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Default Re: PA Gov. Rendell Wants Tough Gun Laws in Response to Cop Killings

Originally Posted by Vincent View Post
Watch the above video people. This is what is in store for us here.

With all due respect to "law enforcement", don't delude yourself into thinking they protect you and yours in any way. The bad guys are and will always be armed. Your only defense is what measures you have taken for yourself.

And the PoS "we" elected is coming to take your guns. He is the criminal.

You do realize that the President cannot "take" your guns? The President does not create laws, Congress does. Even if Congress passes a law banning all guns, the current Supreme Court would never let it fly given their stance on D.C.'s gun ban. So you would have to have one of the conservative Justices retire, which I doubt will happen until Obama's 2nd term, if there is one.

Bottom line, your guns are safe for at least 4 more years.
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