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Default Re: Sikhs fight Army over bans on turbans, uncut hair

Originally Posted by xfl2001fan View Post
There are many things to consider here.

1 - There really isn't a debate because the Army has a Standard that it expects every Soldier to abide by.

2 - There really isn't a debate because if the Army allows the Sikh to tilt that standard, then many other medially proficient (at a minimum) "Soldiers" will expect to have the standard tilted some in their favor.

3 - There really isn't a debate because in the Army, we are all "Soldier's" first. Even our Chaplains have to abide by the standards of the Army. If the Religious leaders have to abide by the standard set forth, why in the hell wouldn't a dentist?

4 - There really isn't a debate because there are serious safety implications involved with not having a beard and not wearing a Turban. These were state previously. The NBC mask seal around a beard...and the ACH (the new Kevlar) definitely doesn't fit around a turban.
Then how about this? Let's just say U R 1 of those 2 Sikhs recruits. Or their lawyer. I would love 2 C U defend their side of the story. Could U really do that? It's real simple, just imagine yourself in their shoes 4 a moment. U read the story, so U should know what has happened. Take it as a challenge. I know this is 1 of those things that they teach in universities in the states, so it should B real easy 4 U.

The thing is basically what I just read from your post is nothing new than what I read from previous posts. But U really had write it up all again, not understanding what I wrote or tried 2 say. (Note, I'm not gonna accept something like "Then I wouldn't join the US army", or "I'd go back 2 my country"! U'r better than that.)
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