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Default Re: anderson cooper needs to go

This is simply a large-scale, well organized ad hominem attack from the left. Since they have absolutely no leg to stand on regarding attacking the argument, they must resort to attacking the arguers.

The Tea Parties message was simple: We are over-taxed and under-represented. You'd be hard pressed to find someone who REALLY disagrees with that sentiment. They legally assembled. There was no violence and nobody "yelled fire in a crowded theater".

But the Tea Parties were everywhere. They had to be reported (The liberal mainstream press can't just IGNORE something that big). So the approach they decided on was to attack the people who attended these events, and try and discredit them.

So, instead of doing their job and reporting the event and what it stood for, they culled out a few weirdo's, half-assed the message, and did their best to taint everyone involved as right wing kooks. Nice job MSNBC, CNN and all the other Olbermanesque left-wing news outlets.
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