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Default Re: I've heard of tree-huggers, but this is ridiculous

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
discussing steelers sb XVIII victory- priceless

discussing james harrison being re-signed- priceless.

having to watch a 2 minute youtube clip to get what is most likely the punchline to a weak political based "joke"- lame & worthless.

not having to type and just borrowing pisnapalm's toilet flush smiley- an investment into the future.

Leave it up to Tony to try to politicize a story about a tree growing in someone's lung.

Let me guess:

"Too much CO2 in the air the patient was breathing makes the lung a perfect environment for tree growth. This is most likely a coordinated effort by trees and other foliage to strike back at the evil humans for destroying the environment and pumping too much CO2 into the atmosphere."

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