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Default Re: D. Lebeau told J. Laurinitus...

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
It would take a miracle for him to fall. To say he's NOT the best player at #32 is right, as he's actually probably the best player at #20.

People, there is ONE knock on him, and that's that he ran a slightly slow 40 speed. He's strong against the run. He has good coverage skills. He CAN shed blocks. He has great lateral speed. He is ALWAYS flying around the ball. He can rush the passer. He's smart and disciplined, rarely out of position. And he is a football freak, lives and breathes the game. Curry is probably a guy on his level. Maualuga is a lackadasical player, not serious about the game, and he's had some off-field troubles. Clay Matthews is a little one-dimensional and overrrated.

Is he an immediate need? No. But if he falls, we will grab him because he WILL BE the BPA. And he and Timmons will be the ILB tandem for years to come.
i'm sry, but i agree that james is better than the other lb's u say... esp rey.. but 2 say curry is on his lvl.. yea right.. curry is THE best lb in this draft and is not on the same lvl as james...

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