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Default Re: Democrats & Republicans

Originally Posted by Vincent View Post
Public school has done its job well. Conventional wisdom holds that marxists are commies and the nazis were right wing extremists.

Did I say this? No. I said read the Communist Manifesto and Mein Kamph to find extremes. Don't take words out of my mouth.

Both are socialist. Both are the antipathy of the foundation of this country, and everything we stand for.

On what basis? Support your statement.
I'm probably just as well going to put you on ignore, I really don't need people putting words in my mouth and assuming my education. :) Don't worry, I'll give you credit to wait and see your response first.

Oh, and perhaps your education, public or otherwise, was lacking itself. Antipathy is the wrong word you're looking for -it is close to being right, but isn't-; the word you want is antithesis.

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