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Default Re: outta-tahn Stiller fans / opinion of new home-team & their fans?

Originally Posted by steelwall View Post
Hey hey...why all the dumping on Panthers fans in NC? I'm from N.C. Seriously though by brother was a Cowboys fan before the Panthers came into the league and he immediately jumped ship, and couldn't understand why I didn't.

Truth be known I don't like the Panthers either, but not all the Panther fans know nothing about football. My bro knows as much about the game as I do, but most of these people where fans of another team at one time....
Im down here in NC as well. Originally from NJ. The panthers fans are a more cheese and wine kind of crowd.For the most part people get tickets through work, no because they want to watch the game. I went to a panthers seahawks game and there was no excitement what so ever in the stadium, just crickets . Also were in the heart of College Basketball country, pro football is secondary to that.
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