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Default Re: Democrats & Republicans

Originally Posted by Vincent View Post
Part of what has been imposed by the left on American “education” is the notion that the Nazis were fascist, and that is all to the story. “Nazi” is the German contraction for the German words for “National Socialist German Workers' Party”. The nazi control of Germany evolved into fascism (by your definition). The Nazis were socialists, that amazingly operated in a very similar fashion to their modern counterparts in the democrat party, until they crossed the threshold of total control. And I submit that if this bunch here were to gain total control, they’d give their nazi brethren a run for their money.

The simple point is that the Nazis were socialist. Mussolini was a socialist. The sovs are socialists. The chicomms are socialist. Socialism in any wrapper (liberal, “progressive”, democrat, marxist, nazi, maoist, soviet) is about seizing control and holding it. No idealism, just iron fisted rule.
Originally Posted by Vincent View Post
Who put words in your mouth? I didn't, nor did I attribute anything I wrote to anything you wrote. Take a Pirin tablet.

You're absolutely right Jeff. Halfheimers and typing fast. But hey, I resemble that remark.
Fair enough, and you caught me. Even I inferred that you were directly inferring to me. Touché Vincent...touché

(Oh, and believe it or not, I even agree with you to a point).
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