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Default Re: Sikhs fight Army over bans on turbans, uncut hair

Originally Posted by SteelersMongol View Post
Thank you. Sorry if I sounded little upset with my previous post. I guess I was little 2 tired 2 get your point last night. I was running around the whole city trying 2 take care of things here & there instead of trying 2 get some rest even though it was a Sunday. As 4 me, I'm very conservative when it comes 2 abide by the rules as my dad being a former officer in the military & my mom being a retired police officer. I just thought there could B something done 4 those people like these Sikh men who got caught between their religious beliefs & their own desire 2 B in the US military. Thanks again 4 taking your time & making me C the point.

BTW, HAPPY B'DAY. Wish U a nice birthday party & lot of gifts with Cleveland stuff .
No worries man. I got mad respect for you and nothing you've said in any of your posts has diminished that. As much as I respect the Sikh and their feelings, hard lines have to be drawn. There's a saying amongst those of us who serve. The military is not a Democracy, it's just there to protect one. I am confident that most non-service members (and by service-member, I include fireman, policeman, etc...) struggle with that one...because I know a lot of service-members who still struggle with it.

Thanx for the B-day wishes! Mostly, I've been getting softball gear for the league I coach/play in. I'm waiting on my bat to arrive (it's a $300 bat...but man, it turns me from a sub-par batter to a stellar one fast.)
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