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Default Re: Happy Birthday xfl2001fan!

Originally Posted by Preacher View Post
Well, the first few times he posted was iffy, but we straightened him right up!!!

I think Troy's Bad Dog is also an excellent example of how opposing team fans on this board can stand for their team and still contribute in a postive way. I am happy both of them are here.
The first few posts were more each side feeling the other out, learning which lines can be crossed and just how far we can push each other. The great majority of non-fans that go to other sites are I can understand everyone's apprehension about me coming on board.

If I remember right (and I won't bother going back and checking) I believe Steelwall was one of my original antagonists. Once we realized we were both Brothers In Arms, all prior posts were immediately forgotten.

I've got mad love and respect for a great majority of the members here. Now if there were only a Browns site that was virtually troll free, I'd be in heaven.
If you take the "U" out of "STUD", you get STD. I'm just saying.
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