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Default Re: Buckeyes Roll Out New Offense Centerd On Pryor...

Originally Posted by rbryan View Post
So anyone who doesn't like the Buckeyes is ignorant?

I wonder how long it would take you to switch bandwagons if OSU went on a run like the Brownies??

Browns fans who get sick of losing don't jump ship.....they just convince themselves they were Steeler fans all along.

We WANT you to hate us. But I take umbrage with those who don't RESPECT OSU. There's a huge difference. I happen to like PSU, but I've gotten into some pretty spirited arguments about OSU vs PSU on these boards over the years. The main thing I've always tried to do is at least know a little about the Lions program when I talk about them, and give some facts and stats to back up my arguments. You'll NEVER hear me throw out garbage like "So and so sucks and they will lose 50-0"...that's just stupid....

If you come on here displaying no knowledge of the program and just start bashing to bash, I'll call you out on it.

There's two ways to do this: Be respectful and talk football from a knowledgeable position, or just toss out some ignorant trash talk, in which case, it'd be better to move it to the Blast Furnace.

As for the bandwagon garbage, save it. I've been a Buckeye fan for over 30 years, and they definitely haven't all been glorious ones.
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