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Default Re: Group behind Ben getting alittle crowded..

Originally Posted by acrossthepond
Remember the Emergency/ 3rd QB is an additional player on Gamedays to the normal gameday roster - and the team have to sit 8 of their players on the 53 man roster on gamedays in any case so having a 3rd QB on the 53 man roster doesnt lose you any players available on a gameday.
Ooops...understand your point, but I guess I'm saying I don't want him dressed. Plus he doesn't need to take up a roster spot either. I guess I'm asking who we need to develop more. Batch or St. Pierre roster spot(or Tommy even) vs. a undrafted rookie who might pan out. I'm going to wager that our success in doing it last year(just having St. Pierre on speed dial for the following week) is going to let us put as many of those young guys onto our side of practice situations and gamedays. Remember we have plenty of decisions to make on all those 1 year contracts come season's end. Time to know if we cough up more money to sign those young guys long term. Batch is old, St. Pierre is constant back up material, and Tommy had his shot. I don't see us going long term on any of those guys.
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