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Default Re: Buckeyes Roll Out New Offense Centerd On Pryor...

[QUOTE=revefsreleets; As far as the Big Ten being "a joke", that's also extremely short-sighted and petulant thinking. It's all cyclical, and the Big Ten will rise again.[/QUOTE]

As far as being short sighted - i am not completly sold on that arguement. You just need to follow the money. ESPN just gave the SEC 2.25 Billion dollars to show its football games. CBS gave the SEC 800 million dollars to show one game a week. So thats over 3 billion dollars in tv rights. so right now the SEC recieves about 70 million a year for tv rights. That now changes to 205 million a year and along with other endorsements yearly income for SEC athelitic departments is expected to increase by 20-25 million per school/per year. That includes lowly Miss. State and Vanderbilt. If you think on campus spending for facilities and coaches are top notch now - just wait. Also with ESPN in bed with the SEC expect to see ESPN to be sautarated with SEC talk, programing, and games. With that saturation expect the SECs dominance to continue. The SEC now has a tv contract when compared to the other conferences an anology can be drawn to the Yankees tv contract with the YES network and the rest of major league baseball.

where as this probally will not have any afftect on team like OSU, the overall effect on the big 10 will most likely be detreimental with its abitly to compete with coaches salaries and on campus facilties. In addition, it may have trouble getting the same exposure that it currently enjoys unless you forsee the big 10 network overshadowing ESPN.

Also i think the Pyror will be very dangerous running a spread offense and i expect OSU to continue its dominance of the big 10.

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