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Default Re: Buckeyes Roll Out New Offense Centered On Pryor...

Originally Posted by xXTheSteelKingsXx View Post
Considering USC's top 4 linebackers are all leaving those stats could be a bit modest. Pryor was a god send coming out of high school and now all of the sudden he is garbage because because he dosn't win a title in is true freshmen season. Give me a break. Tressel and the rest of the OSU coaching staff are going to develope him into a better passer just like they did with Troy Smith.
You are absolutely right, no one expected him to win the NC last year, and no one in this thread said he is garbage or a bust. The problem, in large part, with OSU fans is they are way too into OSU, probably because there isn't much else in OH. You can't be reasonable with them.

Pryor threw a lot of garbage passes last year. I don't think you can honestly say he impressed anyone as a passer. He showed flashes of brilliance, but it was more with his running than passing. Sure he had some pretty balls, and he had some terrible balls. For the most part he was a mediocre passer at best. Fair enough?

Sure he'll be better this year, but what does he have around him that will complement him? His whole offense is gone and the defense took a big hit too. The WRs and RBs are unproven. The little they did show last year was not anything to write home about. If OSU exceeds expectations next year it will because of Pryor, not because of any other offensive weapon. OSU will easily be a top 15 team next year, maybe top 10. They may be ranked higher at the end because they will lose to USC in week 2 then cake walk through the big 10.
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