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Default Re: D. Lebeau told J. Laurinaitis...

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
No, because he'll be gone.

Laurinaitis is indeed dropping because of combine stuff. But combine #'s are only tools that help determine the decisions FO's make, and draft analysts DO NOT SELECT PLAYERS IN THE NFL DRAFT. In fact, the only real number I saw that was so negative was his 40, and, as I've said before, the day players start playing the game in shorts and t-shirts and running in straight lines is the day I'll pay attention to 40 times. He's football fast, and that's what counts...

Also, James' decsion to not play in the Sr. Bowl hurt him a little bit in the eyes of some, but, really, what was he going to prove? He's played for 4, and started for 3 in a program that has had an average ending rank of #5. He had and has nothing to prove.

I still think he's gone well before #32.

Gholston I think has little to do with it, either. It's premature to call Ghost a bust, because he was a DE on the Bucks and mostly asked to rush the QB. Just as it takes time for our LBers (who PLAYED LB in college) to adjust to the system, it will take him some time to adjust to standing up. I think he'll end up being a decent LB. But Lil Animal is something special. But he's also a Buckeye, which triggers knee-jerk hate...that doesn't help either.

Again, FO's aren't going to late hatred of a program blind them to true talent. That kind of ignorance is much better represented by MB posters...

By the by, another LB who's stock dropped because his 40 time was percieved as too slow was Chad Greenway. He ran a 4.74 and was supposed to drop in the draft because of it. He was picked 17th overall, and that "bust" had 115 tackles and 5.5 sacks last year.

Greenway is not as good as Laurinaitis.
You may like him. I certainly like him. And LeBeau seems to like him. That doesn't mean that FOs (who, let's be honest, aren't all as capable as Colbert) like him.

The fact is, FOs don't like him enough to draft him top 20 . . . I would bet a ton he's not gone by 20, and if he were taken that early it would be considered a fairly large surprise at this point.

Most mocks have him as a second-round picks at this point, because there are only so many LBs that are going to get drafted that high, and most teams have the 3-4 Hybrids, as well as the USC LBs ahead of him.
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