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Default Re: Pennsylvania Men Attempting Record Send 217,000 Text Messages, Get $26G Bill

Originally Posted by xfl2001fan View Post
This may cause a change in the policy by T Mobile...or at least a change in the rates for all users...
Not likely. Text messages are piggybacked within the background "carrier" signal that maintains connectivity between your phone and the network. That's why they're limited to 160 characters -- it's the most that can fit in the background signal at once. They don't take up any bandwidth, and they don't cost the phone company anything at all to transmit.

There's already a congressional investigation underway against the three major cell phone companies for when they mysteriously all raised their rates to 20 cents per text message at the same time. They were already making billions when it was 10 cents per message, because text messages are basically free and unlimited for the phone company.
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