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Default Re: Kirill from Moscow, Russia.

Yo Kislik, you deserve respect for repping the Steelers half way around the world. It's a great sport and the Steelers a great team you made the right choice. Stay loyal and have fun here. Welcome to WELCOME TO PITTSBURGH. If you ever need any help finding Steelers merchandise let me know I will try to help you out. As far as rivalries go Cleveland is the closest team geographically to Pittsburgh so the fan base in the area is split (the is one team in Ohio that is split right down the middle, one side Steelers fans the other side Browns fans). One good thing about America is to my knowledge there is very little violence between fans of two rival teams. We may cheer for different teams but we respect each other. Any small fights that break out are isolated incidents and are not widespread. Another thing that makes violence so rare is that in America unlike Europe the teams, cities, and fans are more spread out. This means that there is less interaction between fans because they do not see each other on a regular basis except at games. But those facts only apply to football so much, don't ask about baseball in this country, that is a different story. Keep the faith man. Peace.


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