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Originally Posted by BIGBENFASTWILLIE View Post

65% approval rating

Closing in o 100 days

Obama doing better than expected
Actually, its not 65%, the average is 3+ points lower. RCP puts him at just below 62 percent...

RCP Average04/14 - 04/23--61.831.4 +30.4

What is MORE INTERESTING.... and most of the press seems to be COMPLETELY IGNORING THIS...

is that it is THE SAME AS Bush's in his first 100 days. It is also about AVERAGE.

CNN Moderator: Good morning, Frank Newport. Welcome back to
President Bush has reached his 100-day milestone. Is the American public pleased with his presidential performance so far?
Frank Newport: Our best single indicator is job approval, which for Bush is now at 62 percent. Relatively speaking, that's about average for presidents in April of their first term. It's actually slightly higher than Bush's father received in April of 1989, and higher than Clinton's April 1993 rating. Our overall assessment is that the public is generally positive about Bush, after 100 days. His ratings have neither soared upwards during this time, nor have they dropped significantly. It looks to us as if Bush is so far about what people expected.
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