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Default Re: 1st 100 Days

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
.... the bridge has already been crossed perhaps?

c'mon, htg... most of us 3 or 4 democratic voters already know where a "pro-bama" thread on this board is gonna wind up anyways.

i predict that obama (or anyone who voted for him) will get "blasted" in this "locker room" thread.

nice try, BBFW....
Oh how wrong you are hipcheese. I didn't turn a blind eye to some of GWB's actions, but for the most part, he did what he said he was going to do and didn't allow public opinion and fear of losing his popularity to sway him in the other direction, like what's-his-name.

As far as GWB being a spineless jellyfish who didn't have a clue (which you quoted out of my original post), obviously you know that isn't true, especially in the aftermath of 911 and his tough stance on terrorism. He preferred not to break bread and play nice with terrorists and countries who harbored them.

There have been several "pro-bama" threads started by various posters and they didn't end up in the BF, so I see no reason why this one would be any different.

If anyone gets "blasted" in this thread, it will most likely be because they threw the first poison dart or took another poster's comments personally.

There is no reason whatsoever to put any thread into the BF unless it takes an ugly turn, which up to this point, this thread hasn't.

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