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so what picks are you guys most uncertain with? what trades do you think will happen?

i was really hesitant to switch j. smith outta pick #1 for matt stafford cause i really thought the lions would do what was BEST for their club.

lots of talk about the cheifs loving t. jackson as the next r. seymour. they wanna move down to get him though. kirwan and gosselin both have him going #3.

talks that the patriots wanna move into the top 10 (which they can easilly do). speculation is they may either want a top 4 lineman or what i think is more likely, bj raji. all their DL will be commanding big time $$$$ next year or so. they can draft a replacement and trade v. wilfork to denver for a 1st rounder.

still torn with the steelers first pick so i hedged my bets with beatty in the 32 mock and had mack in the steelers draft.
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