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Default Re: Time to get Offensive...

I went through this once before, but I'll do it again.

The two key loses for us this year have been Bruschi, and Andruzzi. Bruschi's loss is tough because he was such an instinctive player. Andruzzi's loss is tough because he was the emotional leader of the OL. Now, we drafted Logan Mankins(a very fiery player) specifically to replace Andruzzi. If this kid can stay healthy, I think he can carry the burden, but we'll see. As for replacing Bruschi? You can't. He was special. So, you move on. But don't think we don't have other run stoppers. I can assure you we do. We just don't have anyone who can do over all what Bruschi did.

As for receivers for Brady? In case you haven't noticed, except for Troy Brown during our first Super Bowl year, Brady has never had great receivers. Hasn't stopped him before, and it won't stop him now.

This season will be a challenge for this team, and that's just what revs their engines. These guys were all hand picked with that very trait in mind.
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