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Default Re: Obama/GE Scandal to Make Watergate Look Like Shirley Temple Movie.

Originally Posted by The Patriot View Post

Obama made things very clear during the election. No one should be surprised. He's doing exactly what America elected him to do. And if you remain unsatisfied with the tally, let me remind you that there are still plenty of governments out there that think the masses are too easily mislead, too uneducated, too emotional, and thus wholly incapable of making their own decisions. I suggest you read up on them.
I didnt vote for him or McCain for that matter but he hasnt done much, if any, of what he said he'd do. From a certain context, you are right because he was elected and he is a politician and doing what's best for the causes of his choice. Unfortunately I dont see the super majority of the populace being one of those causes. I could poo poo and say he is performing "politics as usual" but its still a little early to empty my rhetoric gun on him. I like the guy but he has failed to show me the leadership aspect a President is expected to ascertain from the job. It has been clear that these last 97 days have been OJT for Obama.

I understand the last administration left a bad taste in everyone's mouth but how long are we going to be patient as he figures things out? Spending money like a drunk sailor in Spain (me, once upon a time ) isnt going to get the economy anywhere. And lest we forget the stupid Taliban in Pakistan. Obama has a tough job, I do not envy him at all, but I feel as smart as he appears to be this is one task's learning curve that may be out of his reach.
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