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Default Re: Obama/GE Scandal to Make Watergate Look Like Shirley Temple Movie.

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
"i didnt inhale".
I like Micheal Bloomberg's quote better... "You bet I did and I enjoyed it."

Anyway pot jokes aside... Oh Obama is PAYING them off... Yes... Sure why not. I think Bill Maher addressed Glenn Becks rant that we are becoming Communist pretty well...

People are blowing things way out of context. Same way Beck is...
At what point has that network even took a shot at Obama? And even if the CEO said this you already KNEW the Cap and Trade would benefit GE. So that's not a SHOCK. How is this a payoff when you could have already seen this coming? They didn't write a check to GE they are just talking about something that HAPPENS to benefit GE.

And they already LIKED Obama over there so telling people to stop complaining would come as a shock?

This is indirect bribing! Damn them! This isn't near as bad as Blago selling the flipping Senate seat. And if the Cap and Trade thing don't go through then GE gets no money... And the O'Reilly gets to bitch about something else and Beck gets to make more impressions!

So all is happy with the world...
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