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Originally Posted by HometownGal View Post
The only Flyer that I have any degree of respect for is Biron. The guy gave his all and made some spectacular saves throughout the series. He's most likely getting the blame from the asstard Flyers fans, which is totally unjustified, imho.
He's taking quite a bit of heat even though the man is responsible for getting them to game 6 in the first place. He is also a UFA on July 1, and if I were him, I'd leave. He's too good for that piece of crap franchise and fans. Carcillo is also taking some heat for fighting with his team up 3-0 and sparking the Pens' comeback, which I really don't agree with either. Sure he shouldn't have done it, but that loss was a collective shitting of the bed by the whole team, who thought the game was over. Mike Richards and especially Jeff Carter are also taking a bit of criticism for not putting up enough points. Richards had 6 points in the series, but Carter scored just 1 goal and was a non-factor most of the series. Surprisingly, the Flyers fans I've encountered aren't blaming the refs - I thought for sure that they would. Because after all, if the Pens get one more PP than the opposition, it must be a conspiracy.
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