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Default Re: Obama/GE Scandal to Make Watergate Look Like Shirley Temple Movie.

Originally Posted by Cape Cod Steel Head View Post
IF it is true( after all it's Fox) it would be a big deal, but in noway would it rival Watergate! And I doubt GE would make a tenth of what Halliburton did off the war in Iraq.
Haliburton is making money because they provide a service to this country. Yeah, the Government could probably save a killing by upping our military and having us handle it all, but that's the choice that was made.

GE would benefit for political reasons. Plain and simple. They push this bill, they use their job as "News Reporters" to force an agenda down peoples throats, whether that agenda is good for America or not, to make a lot of money. Of course Fox is going to report it. There are two reasons, one, they won't make anything off of this bill being passed, two because this is a liberal agenda...and Fox is the conservative network.

Haliburton - Making money because we are willing to pay them to do so.
GE - Making money because of a political move.

Two very different scenarios. I doubt that Haliburton has near the clout as GE/MSNBC. But go ahead and deflect away. That is the liberal way of doing things. Nothing to see, nothing to hear.
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