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Default Re: Obama/GE Scandal to Make Watergate Look Like Shirley Temple Movie.

Originally Posted by Cape Cod Steel Head View Post
No Halliburton is making money because they got a no bid govt. contract to "rebuild" a nation we destroyed. But I digress. So there are only two ways Americans can get their news???? I haven't seen anything more on Fox about it either. If this story is so big it's a wonder no one else picked up on it. Oh that's right there are only Conservative, and liberal media outlets.
Who let that happen? The Federal Government. Nobody reported on that, that I'm aware of. Haliburton isn't the only contractor in Iraq right now either. They're the biggest player, no doubt, but not the only one.

Which media outlet do you consider middle of the road? It's not going to be any of the major networks. 90% of the problem with the news today isn't what's being reported, but how it's being reported. Fox News first reported this whole scandal. Should they try to pound this into our head every single day?
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