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Originally Posted by lamberts-lost-tooth View Post
That was the plan...I didnt explain it very well.
so are you gonna use the 3-2-1 point scoring system? that one seems better and more conventional.

i havent really combed over everyone elses but i did pretty good. *pats self on back*.

i beat pat kirwans and r. gosselins who i feel are 2 of the best mockers. we all nailed frank summers and my #1 UDFA prospect was actually signed.

i almost nailed the exact spot g. toler was taken. i had him at #132 to the steelers and the cardinals took him at #131.

hell, i just about nailed the hines ward contract a week ago, too.

none of the trades i suspected, happened though, other than the patriots and eagles trading their asses off. shoot, they got so caught up, they were giving picks and players to eachother.

i did figure the steelers would trade up in the draft to go get summers. i like how they eliminated ALL doubt and just spent a 5th on him.

thats whats great about the steelers. if they feel a player is a perfect fit, they will do just about everything to make it happen, even if it means maybe spending a little more (see sepulveda).

is DACEB the only one here to predict ziggy hood? good job.

also good job everyone in the "pimp your guy" thread. hell, even that dumbass casteeler nailed the mike wallace pick.

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