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Default Re: Arlen Specter = proven idiot

Originally Posted by BIGBENFASTWILLIE View Post
Just think....The repubicans were in complete controll and they failed to do their job.... That is why record number of voters went out and completely changed the houses.
Dont expect to have 2010 change anything. People are tired of the Rep. party and their unwillingness to make CHANGE and hold onto ideas and beliefs that have no effect on America

Hmmm, what platform did the majority of Dems run on in the electionI beleive you are talking about? Lets see, if I remember right, it was vote for us Democrats and we will end the Iraq conflict. Guess what, still there. Hell, the ones that beat their fists on the podium stating that they would get us out of Iraq if elected in are the same ones that turned around pretty quick and signed onto more money for the conflict. All the Dems did in that election was tell the sheeple what they wanted to hear, and then flip right around and do what they wanted. The democratic party does not have a platform to stand on, they say one thing and do the other. Look at Obama taking on Bush's "failed" policies as his own. At least Bush, as much as I disagreed with him on some policies, told you what he was going to do flat out, whether you liked it or not.

What really scares me about this Specter jumping ship thing is that with Specter a dem now, and Franken looking like he is going to win in Minnesota is this gives the Dems the magic 60. They now have cloture, and the only defense the Republicans had to defeat a bill is now gone if the dems want it that way. I cannot wait for the next Congressional election, our country needs it to get here soon.
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