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Default Re: Arlen Specter = proven idiot

Originally Posted by BIGBENFASTWILLIE View Post
Just think....The repubicans were in complete controll and they failed to do their job.... That is why record number of voters went out and completely changed the houses.
No it's NOT BBFW!

I am one of those Republicans who is reflected in those numbers having changed party affiliation last year. I also convinced my mother and stepfather to do the same, but that was in order for us to vote in the primaries and swing votes for Hillary over BO.

Us Republicans here in PA had no real vote when it came to the presidential primaries last year. By that time Huckabee had dropped out and that only left us with McCain (Ron Paul wasn't a real choice). WE HAD NO VOTE unless we wanted to play dirty ball.

I like playing dirty ball so I jumped across the aisle. My Mom and stepdad did, too, along with some of my friends. I know a lot of us did it for THAT REASON ONLY!

What they don't mention is how many of those same people switched back after the primaries. My mom and stepdad did because they couldn't stand the "D" next to their name. I didn't care. I had been a "D" until 2004 when I finally went Republican. After last year's primaries I kept the "D" because I wanted to mess with the polls some more and have them reflect a "D" voting for McCain/Palin! Since then I've been lazy and haven't switched back (but this has prompted me to get off my butt and switch it back, and I'll double check with those I know did the same).

So those numbers have nothing to do with his BS excuse for finally coming clean and sucking a$$ BIG TIME!

It has everything to do with Republicans of this great state of Pennsylvania wanting to have had a voice in the primaries last year, even if it was a voice influencing what happened for the other party!

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